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At The Tone Door, products have been carefully selected and purchased as close to the source as possible in order to offer you the best price. We offer an extensive selection of guitar parts and electronics, because yes, we ourselves are a bit crazy about it. We’ve made sure to stock high-end quality spares of multiple brands from different parts of the world as well as budget-friendly products, keeping it fun for everyone. In addition to the purchased items, we also make parts and accessories ourselves, run our own line and offer a service of Custom build Electric Guitars & Basses. The possibilities go as far as your imagination!

And then, an assortment is never complete and we keep expanding it. Do you have wishes, requests, tips, ideas? Please let me know, we’re kind of doing this together, aren’t we?



Here at The Tone Door we strive to bring attention to a severely overlooked part of a musician’s gear, their cable. Would you put cheap wheels on a Lamborghini? Then why have a cheap cable for your guitar? Our cables aim to make your rig sound as clear as that is the true purpose for a cable.

Our aim when starting The Tone Door was very simple, we wanted to design and manufacture, in India, a range of attractive, high quality cables for studio and live use that exhibit superior quality audio properties. It was our desire to supply a quality product that is capable of enduring all the bumps and pulls on the road. Reliability and longevity were our watchwords.  Instrument cables built in India and built to last.


Researching on out how to improve an instrument’s tone with pickups, keeping in mind that it shouldn’t matter if it’s an expensive or inexpensive one.

Starting  the production with some prototypes on a home made winder, loaded them in a average strat. Woulah!! It sounded great. That gave us the real kick & fire to get into this fully. Meanwhile handling guitar repairs, we wanted to work on damaged pickups where we can repair it to its originality.

First Ever In India, We started taking orders where musicians are able to talk & discuss, can have their own personality in a set of pickups, having what they exactly wanted as a tone. We understood  every idea & demand, came up with unique recipies using quality materials.

It would have been easy to draw up our designs, specs and send them to a factory. We did try commissioning the prototypes. But we learned that no one will ever be more passionate about your product than yourself, and that lack of passion showed.

We want everyone to have a great set of pickups in their guitar. Our pickups can stand up to any boutique brand out there, but those prices just aren’t what The Tone Door is all about. We’re not all about that ultra-rare new-old-stock unobtanium materials. We just want to build awesome pickups for everyone to enjoy & love.


Best place in Delhi to get your guitars serviced. Their cables and all the products are top notch!Very happy with the services.Bhrigu is a pro!.”

– Raman Negi (Raman Negi)

The best cables I used so far. The best service I’ve experienced so far. Bhrigu and his team have set the bar high when it comes to their craft and workmanship.
Thank you guys for the saving the day on countless occasions! See you very soon..”

– Paras Thakur (The Local Train)

Bhrigu at Tone Door has been taking care of my instrument service and repair needs for a while now. He is very good at his job, polite and prompt. He makes excellent cables and cases and provides creative solutions for custom requirements. Whether you play on stage or in the studio, check him out and you won’t regret!.”

– Nikhil Rao (The Indian ocean)

All my basses get serviced
Quick help as always
All my flight cases and synth cases are done by him
Probably the first set of cases i got from him
Overall Amazing !!!.”

– Harshit Misra (Hash Bass)

Been working with The Tone Door and Bhrigu for quite a while now for our clubs – The Piano Man. Love working with him, his intent, spirit and energy and of course, the quality of their products and specially cables is fabulous! Treat yourself to some great cables made here!

Much respect for being there in a pinch, just before the lockdown we had an international artist whose guitar was damaged in flight. Bhrigu had that guitar repaired and delivered within a few hours so that we had it for the concert..”

– Arjun sagar gupta (Founder – The Piano man jazz Club)

Been using the gig bag and cables for quite a while also had my basses serviced and things are still working..”

– Sonic Shori

Extremely happy with the services provided by the tone door, The quality of cables,cases and pedalboard is great. Best guy in Delhi-NCR.”

– Vishal Kar

Our Services

Electric Guitar Setup/Service

Using the highest quality tools. We take care of your intruments in a way that it plays better so you can play and sound better.

Bass Guitar Setup/Service

Using the highest quality tools. We make sure your low ends sounds clean and tight so you can play effortlessly.

Acoustic Guitar Setup/Service

Using the highest quality tools. We maintain of your acoustic in a way that it resonates and responds perfectly with you.

Pro Audio Repair/Service

Understanding the issues & problems in your Digi effect processor, Pedals and other Audio Gear & fixing it to its originality.

Tube Amp Repair/Service

Paying all the attention to details, understanding each and every issue. We fix your amps to its perfection.

Pickup Rewinds & Repairs

 With all the high quality & precise measuring tools at the shop. We diagnose the issues, fixing the pickups to its accuracy.


Raising The Bar

The Tone Door was founded in 2017. The workshop is stocked with the best and most modern luthier tools available in the market to perform the best and most accurate work on instruments.


The Tone Door is one of India’s foremost music essentials/parts & services brand that has captured the imagination of the Indian Musician through it’s craft in repairing guitars and gear to precision. Adding to its best aesthetics and craftsmanship that preserves engineering with artisanal sensibilities to harmoniously blend form with function.

Behind the brand is the visionary creative force of Bhrigu Arora, the Founder and Engineer at The Tone Door

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